The Children

Some of our children are either blind or suffer from severely impaired vision. Others show symptoms of the autism spectrum. Many have pronounced fears, some don’t speak at all or very little, some don’t engage with others or deal with movement disabilities. In some of the children we observe quick progress in their development when they join the day care, for others this process is much slower.


With each one of these children, you can literally see and feel how their day lightens up when they get to the day care. We witness how they feel at home and flourish in this environment. They are cared for, can play, be around other children.

Almost every day we can celebrate small or big achievements:

  • Sebastian has overcome is fear of the bathroom. He doesn’t need his diapers anymore.
  • David is learning the names of objects – table, chair, plate. He has started to react when you call his name, and sometimes he now briefly looks you in the eyes.
  • Christina and Sebastian know whole songs by heart. Christina, blind from birth, learned to accompany the songs on the piano.
  • Diana starts to tap the rhythm.
  • Alexandru can spend hours on the trampolin and cheer with joy.
  • Raoul now eats with the others and has finally put on some weight.