Funding is at this point exclusively from private donations



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For donations use the form above or the following bank account:
IBAN: DE 247 205 121 00006 054 472; BIC: BY LADE M1 AIC

The donations, which constitute the sole income of the project, go mainly towards paying the salaries of the carers. Beyond that we have now managed to put enough money aside to guarantee at least 6 months of salaries. But even covering the occurring heating and food costs for the children can sometimes be financially challenging.

Apart from monetary donations we also receive donations of clothes, educational material, musical instruments and exercise equipment. Some things are also built in the day care itself. But more expensive equipment, such as hardware and software to learn braille are still on an unfunded wish list.

We are therefore extremely grateful for any further support.

We would like to achieve that

  • we can pay adequate and motivating salaries, in order to retain and further qualify our staff
  • we can cover the heating costs and necessary repairs, but also food for the children
  • we can equip a ‘multi-sensory room’, in which the children can test and experience their different senses in a playful manner
  • we can provide the highest possible standard of educational equipment, in particular to teach braille

We have come a long way, but there’s a long way still ahead of us.”

We are still in need of a plethora of things, child clothes, toys that are adequate for children with disabilities, musical instruments, equipment to learn braille, and of course money, to pay for heating and food, for basic medical needs, for transport and many other things