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Many thanks to the charity project Sternstunden for the new kitchen

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In summer 2020 a new kitchen for the day care center “Projekt BlindenVision e.V.” was completed. Thanks to the “Sternstunden” charity project, which provided the association with a larger amount of money, the project could be realized.

Now that the kitchen is in use for some time, we would like to thank “Sternstunden” once again for the tremendous help. For the often severely handicapped children, the kitchen is not only a functional place to receive food. The large kitchen has developed into an important social meeting spot. But furthermore the kitchen is a place where the children have a chance to learn participating in everyday activities, help with cooking, cleaning vegetables, cleaning dishes etc. They learn to get involved, to participate, to be useful. For most of them, this is initially much more important than to learn formal skills such as counting or writing.

Annual general meeting of the Projekt Blinden Vision e.V. 2020

The annual general meeting of the Projekt Blinden Vision e.V. took place virtually via video conference this year. This allowed some members to participate online who otherwise could not be there because of a long journey.

Bernd Wagner reported in detail about the status of the project and the current situation in Romania. We are pleased that the team on site was able to organize numerous activities with the children again this year with great motivation.

Annual meeting online – 2020

The topics were also discussed in a very structured manner digitally, and the digital vote on the discharge of the Executive Board saved quite a bit of time. Nevertheless, the final personal discussions about the work of the past year over a relaxed glass of wine were of course missing.

A big thank you goes to the professional preparation by Thomas Glatzel and Bernd Wagner. The board is convinced that the general meeting has laid a good foundation for the coming year.

Due to the exceptionally high support of one member, we are confident to be able to raise the salaries of the team on site next year. This will allow for further recognition of the team’s work in financial terms as well. Many thanks for this!

10th anniversary

In 2019 the Project BlindVision celebrated its 10th anniversary. Six members of the German BlindenVision association travelled to Romania from 2.10. to 6.10.2019. On 3.10. the project was visited in Alba Julia. During the day, the German delegation had a chance to meet the children, some parents and all of the staff members. The delegation could get an excellent impression of the buildings, the gardens and the therapy procedures.

At noon there was a lunch in the recently completed kitchen building of the project, which was half financed by the “Sternstunden” charity program of the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation.

In the evening, the project organized a Romanian barbecue party with the employees and relatives of the children in care.

On the following days the group of visitors hiked in the Western Carpathians, enjoyed the extraordinary Romanian hospitality in the village of Telna, visited the towns of Mediasch and Schässburg as well as the historically valuable fortified churches in Malmkrog and Birthelm (World Heritage Sites).

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