Goals of the association

We want to provide a place where children feel at home, a place where they can be with other children and play. It should be a place where they are encouraged, cared for and also fed healthily, depending on their individual needs and abilities.

The children will live with their impairments for the rest of their lives. We want to enable them to live a joyful existence with their particularities. They should be able to develop their abilities as far as this is possible. We want to support them to participate in social life, in the family, in the group, in everyday life, with fun and with dignity. They should perhaps also be able to make themselves useful and enrich the lives of others.


We would like to become a benchmark and example for other facilities of this kind in Romania.

The prerequisite for this is that the project is on stable footing in terms of personnel and finances.

On site in Romania, i.e. in Alba Julia, the project is managed parallel to the non-profit association “Projekt BlindenVision” located in Germany by a parallel association: Asociatia Proiectul Viziunea Nevăzătorilor.

Currently, a name change is being discussed in Alba Julia: The new name expresses the objective of the association: “Prepare for Live”.

We want to ensure that our children can live in dignity and joy, that they are not left alone and that their aging is taken care of.