Handicraft of the mothers

For more independence of the project and the mothers

The cooperation with the mothers of the children in our care has been intensified. Occasionally we also see fathers. There are now also regular meetings between the caregivers and the parents. After some initial hesitation, the mothers are now beginning to get involved in the daily routine and help with gymnastics, cooking, and cleaning up.
The mothers have also begun to make small articles, so you can contribute to the construction and maintenance of the center by selling them. We produce Christmas or Easter cookies, postcards, cakes or jams, depending on the season.
A small old clothes shop and now also a sewing room have been set up. Corona masks or jogging pants have already been sewn. Perhaps we can even make it possible for some mothers to earn some much-needed extra income. Self-sufficiency plays an important role in the kitchen. We have a large vegetable patch in the garden, many fruit trees and chickens and ducks. Even a pig is slaughtered from time to time.
We see the children’s participation in caring for the garden and the animals, as well as helping with the harvest, as important pedagogical processes. The children can learn to take care and contribute small useful handouts.