Covid-19 and the lockdown in Alba Julia

Image source for image above: CC0

Of course, the pandemic had a strong impact on everyday life in our daycare center. In the beginning, the lockdown rules in Romania were very tough. At times, the children were not allowed to come to the facility. So many parents faced extreme challenges. For some children, being locked up in the apartment was almost unbearable. They developed severe sleep disorders, which then manifested themselves in aggressive behavior. After some time, some parents were completely overwhelmed and no longer able to cope with the situation. In order to alleviate the greatest distress, emergency programs were set up and partly not entirely legally individual care was organized or individual therapies were carried out in the center.

In the meantime, the situation is a little bit more relaxed. All children can come to the daycare center again. And we are getting more and more children. Word is getting around that the children are well cared. Furthermore, we are currently seeing a shift in the demand for care. For example, more and more autistic children are coming to the facility, and we want to take this into account.